As you may have heard, “The Church Of Our Lady” is slated to be removed if the Town of Gravenhurst decides that there isn’t enough public interest or funding available.  Currently The Town of Gravenhurst, is working with the Heritage Committee to have the structure listed as a property of Cultural Significance under the Ontario Cultural and Heritage Act.

   If you feel the Church should be saved, please sign the petition below.  If you can contribute to the cost of it’s preservation, PLEDGES to donate funds would be appreciated.  The Town estimates the cost to be approximately $40,000.  Tax receipts would be provided.

   Please sign the form below and mail to Tammy Neilson, 180 Edward St., Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P-1K8, is for  as soon as possible.  Thank-you for helping us save this cherished landmark.  For more information contact : Kim Mauro-Placido, 687-4327, or 905-876-1692 or




 I am willing to contribute $             , providing “The Church Of Our Lady” remains in her current location and is protected by The Ontario Culture and Heritage Act.

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