Morrison Lake

  Team Canada Water Ski Team Places 3rd

The competition was the first ever international show ski competition and 5 teams went down to Janesville, Wisconsin to compete.  It was Canada, USA, China, Belgium and Australia.  Each team had an hour to perform a show and each show was done twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  The highest scoring show was then taken as your final mark.  USA placed first, China second and Canada third.  Most of team Canada was comprised of Summer Water Sports employees so our show was the Batman ski show we have been performing all summer, just with some additions and revisions.  And a lot of people went down to support us, including my family and Ian Pegg and Ben Buschke.
I've included one picture of the group of people who were there from Morrison Lake.  Also a picture of the final pyramid and the last is just a picture from the end of the ski show and some of our supporters.

For the barefoot competition, it was this past weekend in Dunnville, ON on Grand River.  The Morrison Lake Ski Club entered a team comprised of Dustin Titus, Zack McGillivray and Adam Gores.  They ended up placing second, even though they were short one team member.  



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